Natasha Chart: Feminist in Exile

On the subject of whether a woman is an adult human female, feminists have been made thoroughly unwelcome on the left. So if liberals think it’s very strange for feminists to work with conservatives, they should probably stop telling us to “drink bleach” or looking the other way as online mobs demand that we be fired.

Talking with friends this week, I listed out types of incidents that have happened to myself or feminists I’ve talked to as a result of gender identity disagreements. They include: rape and death threats, stalking, assault, being targeted for harassment at work or being fired, being threatened with boycotts, being falsely accused of committing criminal acts or violence, having their personal information publicized, being banned from student clubs, having social media accounts suspended, or being blacklisted in their field.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Women even run into this outside of politics and college campuses, or if they switch employment, because angry transgender activists and their friends will often follow us around online. Most of the radical feminists I know will only criticize gender identity dogma from behind anonymous or locked social media accounts, and they’re not wrong to do so.

This isn’t solely about partisan ideology anymore, but about the fact that trans activists are so untouchable on the left that a transgender male killed a lesbian couple and their son recently, and hardly a word was said. So untouchable that two alleged, male, transgender sex abusers spoke at different women’s marches this past month. So untouchable that transgender males can advocate to house men who murdered women in women’s prisons, or praise child sex trafficking, and no one on the left or in the regular media can even say one word against them. The transgender community is so untouchable that they can advocate for the sterilization of nonconforming children like mad eugenicists, and then everyone on the left and in the regular press says how wonderful it is.

These completely untouchable men hate every woman who disbelieves in the existence of a “female penis.” They hate us personally, and will hardly let us meet in peace anywhere that isn’t a campground in the middle of the woods. Nearly every time radical feminists have tried to meet in a hotel or other public venue for the last several years, there’ve been threats against the staff and their families, and the events had to be moved at the last minute.

The exception was last year, when feminists in London got around this problem by not telling anyone where their meeting was until that very morning. They had to act as if they were running a covert operation. What they were really doing was watching PowerPoint presentations about feminism in rented chairs, and giving talks that they were happy to put up on YouTube for anyone to watch. Scary!

Facebook is even against us. If a feminist says that a male transgender person is male, or that women are female, she can have her account suspended. But liberal activists can say that they want to kill radical feminists and Facebook will say it doesn’t violate their community standards. Multiple women and feminist pages have had their accounts suspended by Facebook for posting screenshots of threats made by transgender activists, but the people who made the original threats will usually face no such penalty. Many of us, like most people, use Facebook to communicate with family and friends so frequently that losing it is like having phone service disconnected.

The threat of gender identity politics as a movement and practice goes straight to women’s safety, our legal existence as a distinct class of persons, and our ability to exercise our rights of freedom of assembly or speech without threat. Transgender activists and their enablers have turned the machinery of the left and even mainstream feminism against us. So we have had to face the fact, at last, that we simply are neither safe nor welcome in liberal politics, unless we will repeat nonsense about how men are women in public.

Here’s why we’re getting threatened: Because we believe that a man should not have the right to walk into a women’s locker room and strip naked or watch us get undressed, no matter what he thinks. Because we believe that vulnerable women in shelters, jails, and prisons, who can’t leave or choose who they’re living with, shouldn’t have to share bunks or group showers with men, no matter what those men say. Because we believe that pregnancy is something that only can happen to the female body, that only a male can impregnate a female, and these facts are void of prejudice. Because we believe that when a person says that they only want to date women, they shouldn’t be called a bigot if they won’t also date men, or vice versa. Because we believe that when a man rapes a woman, she shouldn’t have to call him “she,” no matter how he feels.

We’re talking with conservatives because we’re tired of saying things that everyone agreed about not many years ago, then having people look at us like we’re from the Moon before they try to get us fired or threaten us.

So let’s talk.

– Natasha Chart

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