Hands Across the Aisle YouTube Interview with Dr. Oren Amitay

Hands Across the Aisle members Kaeley Triller and Antonia Bookbinder were recently interviewed by Dr. Oren Amitay, a registered clinical psychologist who teaches at Ryerson University in Toronto. Determined to apply critical thinking to the transgender phenomenon, Dr. Amitay has been producing a series of YouTube video interviews that feature gender-critical voices previously denied space in the mainstream media. The resulting interviews have been thoughtful and intelligent, granting new perspective to a debate that has grown stale in the echo chamber that is transgender activism.

As a multi-partisan coalition, Hands Across the Aisle is hoping to create a collaborative model of single-issue activism that will inspire women across the world to speak up in defense of sex-based rights and in opposition to the sterilization and mutilation of children. Follow us, share this interview, and be not afraid!